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Facebook is Securing Your Friends Data

facebook logo home pageThis will be seen by many Facebook users as a great move giving them control of their personal data and protecting them from predatory app developers. It is not reasonable to think that just because you are friends with someone that you would trust them to make decisions for you, and up till now that is what has been going on in Facebook. Now it would seem only the user controls who gets their data.

Over the last year that this migration has been going on Facebook also took a close look at the top 5000 apps that used their API for integration as well as internet service providers that were using them. It was the purpose of this extensive review to reduce any impact there would be to both Facebook users and the app developers serving them. Mark Zuckerberg has been telling anyone that will listen that Facebook’s new slogan is “People First” and this new API move certainly plays that vision out.

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Cablevision Will Now Resell Hulu Service

Cablevision Logo HomeThis type of offer is being referred to as “cord cutter” bundles, and Cablevision has really started something here. Verizon tried doing something similar offering service and then several individual online subscriptions. This lead to a law suit from ESPN as they were removed from the core lineup of services. Dish Network is also now offering several similar services.

Senior Vice President of Distribution at Hulu Tim Connolly said, “At Hulu we believe users should have the ability to consume their favorite content, when, where and how they want. Even with the rapid growth in streaming, there is a huge audience that consumes television through their cable provider and satellite internet. We want to be there for them too.”

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Fetch Makes Your Apple Watch Actually Do Something

Fetch App Home PageSo what could possible make such a powerful app easy to use? Can you imagine how complicated the interface would need to be to actually work with all of the data required to be all things for all people? Well the whole thing is voice controlled so you tap the microphone once and just tell it what to do. From there the message goes out to one of Fetch’s 58 concierges where there are trained individuals specializing in whatever request has been made.

The app makes payments using, not surprisingly, Apple Pay or Stripe. Although Fetch is partnering with outer payment companies these are the ones currently in place that the app is leading with. Fetch also works with services like Postmates, Instacart, Handybook, Washio, Homejoy and more. These are used for same day services and deliveries. Food services such as GrubHub, DoorDash, and Caviar are in the works as is internet providers by zip code and should be available before the app launches.

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